Sunday, August 28, 2011

MTC--Meeting, Testifying, Camaraderie

What an amazing first week we had at the MTC!
Meetings-- we started the week out with a group meeting to help us get to know the other senior couples, and we finished the week in the same way. We were all gathered at different stations the first day, shot records checked, oriented as to the MTC, ID pictures taken and all that sort of general housekeeping that always goes on. Monday was a short day, beginning at ten, and ending at four, but it definitely was a tiring day! The rest of the week was spent in several different training scenarios which began at 8ama and endeda at 5pm. Then at the end of each day we went to visit with our Russian tutor for 2 hours from 6 to 8. By the time we got home homesteads pretty tired but we certainly had a great week. The topper was a testimony meeting on Friday evening in which we met with all the other couples going to foreign assignments. Everyone shared their testimony in the language they were learning. Sister Webb and I were able to share a couple of thoughts without using our notes so that was a good thing. We have learned the 33 character Russian alphabet and are able to read at a beginners pace. We generally don't understand much of what we are reading but we are definitely getting better (in my opinion). This week we will be learning the Church's computer programs for missionary applications and flying out to Novosibirsk on Monday am at 8 from Salt Lake City. Love to all our friends and family,

Elder & Sister Webb

Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Day at the MTC!

Well it finally arrived - the big day.  We reported to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) this morning at 10:00am.  After months of preparing, packing, unpacking and repacking, trying to learn Russian through skyping with a tutor and several actual personal visits with her here in Provo we actually "checked in".  What an experience.  Today was mostly just orientation of what we will be doing over the rest of the week and basic training for our assignment.  Next week we will get specific on the missionary financial system we will be working with in Russia.  We met Brad and Marty Sumers from Leavenworth during the our training (they are going to serve in the West Indies) - what is wrong with this picture???  We are super excited to be going to Russia tho and are really loving the language we are learning.  We can both carry on a basic conversation, make purchase, get and give directions and say a basic simple prayer in RUSSIAN!  Miss you all already and hope you will all stay in touch.

All our love,
Randy n Sue