Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Russian Party

Last Friday, Yulia, who works in our office and is Russian, had a birthday. She is also getting married this weekend, so we had a little party for her. Russians love parties, and Yulia is pretty special to everyone here. I was planning it, but I had help from Sister Huffaker and Sister Gibbons. So we planned a little lunch, and Sister Huffaker and I had tied a quilt for a wedding gift. We invited Olga at the office and Sister Gushina from the office, and thought it would be just the six of us. We bought salads at the deli, and a small cake, and Sister Gibbons brought rolls left over from Thanksgiving dinner. We got flowers and candy, and then we all helped decorate the Mission Presidents office with balloons, banners, etc. for the party. Then, as it turned out, the husbands, the office elders, and several friends all came too. I was worried about having enough food, but Olga dished up the salads and just gave everyone a bit, and Yulia cut the cake into small servings, so it turned out fine. She was thrilled and it was quite fun! She was leaving that night for Omsk, where her family lives, the groom lives, and where the wedding will take place. Her husband to be is the Branch President in Omsk, and they will have a big party there. Here are a couple of pictures from the happy event!

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