Sunday, February 26, 2012

Moving Week - Etc!!!

Big things happening in our Russian life this week; “let me explain” – no it is too complicated so I will just “sum up”.  It all began with a professional volleyball match on Tuesday evening.  The Novosibirsk “Locomotive” playing a Turkish team for a spot in the final four of this year’s league play.  I mentioned last week that I had met Ryan Millar – well this week I went to see him play with a member here who loves the sport and is an avid “Locomotive” fan.  It was really a great match which we won and since it is a best of 3 series they now go to Turkey to play on March 1st.  Check out the pic’s.

Next it was moving week.  Yes – I said moving.  Sister Webb and I moved uptown into a little larger apartment (Doma) building and a larger apartment.  17 floors – we are on the 9th.  The apartment has only one bedroom instead of two but every room is larger than our old apt and the sun porch runs the entire length of the apt which is going to be very nice come spring and summer; (we will put in a few pictures).  Most of our week was taken up with moving us out, getting a few cabinets from IKEA, putting those cabinets together, moving the young sisters into our old apartment because it is much closer with easier access to the metro system than their old place, etc., etc.  We are very thankful for the two office elders with whom we work every day for all their help moving, packing, hauling, going with us to get the things we needed (we weren’t sure we would end up with the right things on our own you know), putting together the stuff we bought, unpacking and then doing it all over again for the sisters moving into our old place.  They were great!!

Not much else going on for us this week, that kept us pretty busy, although Sister Webb taught one of our new Russian friends who is investigating the church how to bake Banana Bread, with chocolate chips OF COURSE.  Natalia wanted chocolate chips (they can’t seem to get good ones here and so the folks go crazy for them).  Anyway, they had a great time.  That was Friday evening.  Then on Saturday she made my grandma’s applesauce cake (which is to die for with Russian Ice Cream).  Saturday evening we went across the river to the other branch for a Talent Evening.  If there is one thing that the people are not afraid of it is getting up in front of a group on a moment’s notice and performing.  There were some great acts and everyone had a great time. Then today after church we had two elders, the sisters, a visitor from out of town, and Natalia from Friday night over for our first Sunday Dinner in our new apt.  It has been a pretty full week.  We look forward to what developments shape up for the week ahead.  Enjoy the pictures, have a great week and remember we think of you all, miss you all, and pray for each of you every day.   
The Big Game!

An Olympic Gold Medalist
Assembly in Progress

The View
from every room of the New Doma
Sister Webb performs at Talent Nite

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  1. Hi Brother and Sister Webb!

    Love your posts. We miss you so much. You guys are doing so well there. They may keep you but we want you back. Really -17 degrees?? Hope you are all staying warm and good luck with the move to your new apartment. I wish I could send you some chocolate chips through the email. I guess Arnie will have to come up with an app for that.

    Love you both! Betty and family!