Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Special People

30 degrees Fahrenheit and climbing.  It has been amazing to watch the ice melt away – good news, bad news – it leaves behind acres of mud.  We are loving the warmer weather though.  This week we actually packed away our winter coats, heavy gloves and scarfs and got out our wool coats – still a step away from our lighter spring/fall weather coats but warmer nonetheless.  We are getting very comfortable in our new apartment, enjoying the views of the city, the longer days and practicing our Russian on anyone with a little patience.

This week we celebrated a couple more birthdays at our district meeting; one of our Zone leaders and one of the AP’s (Elders who are Assistants to the President.  They both turned 20 (those were the days)!    We have new District Leaders, a new AP and a 3rd Sister.  She will be here serving in a threesome until next week when we get some more new missionaries and then she will take the new sister to Omsk and serve there.

Also this week Italya (the pianist for the ballet company here) got back from London where she had gone to audition for a spot with the London Symphony.  She was one of about 20 trying for one open place.  She did not get it so came back somewhat disappointed as she so wanted to move to London.  She came to our home and met with the missionaries again – it is always such a treat to have her come.  She is a wonderful young lady and works so hard and she speaks ENGLISH pretty well so that is a bonus for us. 

We thought we should tell you a little about Yuri Gushin.  He serves as a counselor to our Mission President and works as the driver for the mission.  We may have mentioned him before.  He is a very short man and in his day was a professional gymnast.  He drives us every Monday morning to the grocery store to do our shopping for the week, to and from the airport, train and bus stations, and just about anywhere else we need to go whenever we need to go there if we ask him.  He and his wife are some of the most wonderful, kind and loving people we have met anywhere.  He is always smiling and is trying hard to learn to speak English.  He has a daughter who will be graduating from BYU next month so he and his wife will be leaving for the U.S.A. and will gone for a month.  We are trying to figure out how we will get along without him.  They were introduced to the church one day about 15 years ago when they saw two young men walking down a street in front of their apartment during an exceptionally cold winter.  They looked cold and the Gushins felt impressed to invite them in for something warm to drink, something that is very unusual for Russians to do especially 15 years ago.  Well the young men (missionaries) accepted the invitation of course and the rest as they say is history. 

The most important thing in our lives to happen this week was the entry into the world of Emilie Regan Webb, our newest granddaughter.  Tyler and Janae are the proud parents and Emilie is making a hit with her big brother Harrison.  We are finding it pretty difficult to reach through the computer to hold her and try not to think about the fact that she will be nearly 1 year old before we get to actually hold her.  She is so cute and Mom and Emilie are doing well, resting comfortably at home and Janae and Tyler tell us that Emilie is sleeping and eating, and eating and sleeping.
Well that is our week in a nutshell.  Hope everyone is doing well, enjoying spring and finding lots for which to be thankful.  We love you all.  We pray for all our family and friends each day that the Lord bless you in your lives with peace and happiness.

Sister Webb with our dear friend

Our Mission Driver
a very tender special man
More Birthdays in our District
notice the Rice Crispy Treat
Birthday Cakes
A real hit - first ones since coming to Russia

A birthday for our little friend
March 5 2012
A special blessing to our entire family

Big Bro
Keeping a watchful eye!

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