Sunday, April 29, 2012

Discovering Novosibirsk

Spring is HERE

Now that Spring has finally begun(?) well, at least the days are longer, we have started to take the “long” way home every day so we can explore a little more of our surroundings.  And what surroundings they have turned out to be!  Monday evening we went to yet another theater.  These theaters are everywhere in the city we are finding out.  Performing was the Siberian Choir, a large group of local professional artists, singing, dancing and instrumental, who we were told tour all over and perform only a couple of times a year in Novosibirsk.  We were so glad that we had an opportunity to see them as they were absolutely amazing.  I know we must sound like a broken record telling you that something is so amazing but it really was that good.  Maybe we are just easily impressed!!  The costumes were breathtaking, the singing and dancing outstanding and the musicians were out of this world!!  We just wish you could have all been here.  President and Sister Gibbons and the missionaries in the city went together for a special “Family Home Evening” activity and we were all fantastically rewarded.  We have included some pictures which simply do not capture the moment but might give you a little idea of what we experienced.  The dance, costume and music of the various peoples of Siberia were represented throughout the evening and we commented how it reminded us of the Polynesian portrayals of their tribal cultures.

This week we have explored our neighborhood quite a bit, walking in and around the various streets.  Some of the houses are quite interesting, the living conditions “rustic” and in some ways almost appalling, while at the same time we are surrounded by modern and progressive development.  Russia, at least in Siberia is a contrast of old and new, rural and urban, rich and poor, etc. and all on the same block.  You have to see it to believe it.  We are thankful for the experience; we have fallen in love with the country and the people, and are enjoying every minute of our time here.  Having the opportunity to share our experiences, our beliefs, and our lives with people who are literally from a different world is life changing for us and something we will cherish forever.  We have met some warm and wonderful people, been to some interesting places and seen some amazing things and we look forward to more of everything in the months to come.  It is comforting to think of family and friends back home, to feel of the Saviors love for us and to see how He blesses his children everywhere.  He knows us and loves us wherever and whoever we are.  Paka – Paka until next time.
Gathering for the Performance

The Choir

A Dance


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